Changing of the Seasons

Have you ever just scrolled through Instagram and seen all the great Fall photos? Well I have, and I’ve always wondered how people can make shopping at a farmer’s market or even a cup of coffee look so beautiful. With this week’s blog post, I decided to do a Fall photo shoot of my own to see just how easy (and somewhat ridiculous) a Fall celebration is to recreate.

1.  Worship the PSL

Even before the calendar says it’s Fall, people everywhere anticipate the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Of course, it’d be defeating the purpose of the “worshipping” if it wasn’t Starbucks’ PSL, since they’re the ones to blame for the PSL madness. You can’t have a fall photo shoot without it!

2. Play in the Leaves

There seems to be an obsession with falling into leaves. On one hand I relate to this activity because of my childhood when I would always play in the leaves once my dad had raked them into a nice pile. But now, in New York City, I have no desire to lay on the ground, even if it is in Central Park. But alas, I did it for the blog, and contrary to what I’d have you believe, I enjoyed it.

3. The Classic Fall Outfit

I enlisted the help of my friend Olivia for this one. I mean, what Fall photo shoot doesn’t have a great Fall outfit along with it? Here, we ventured to the Upper West Side to do some modeling where I insisted Olivia wear her red bell bottoms (Fall and the 70s, what could go better?), since fall and winter pants are ever changing and vintage heels (it IS a fashion shoot!).

4.Farmer’s market shopping (and apple sniffing?)

Photo Courtesy of Mallori Albright

I don’t know about you, but whenever someone on Instagram goes “grocery shopping,” they’re usually taking glamor shots of themselves with produce. Well, I can also play at that game, and I did just that…with the help of some lovely apples and the 79th Street Greenmarket, which I might cook up in a recipe later. Even though it felt quite odd sniffing apples in front of strangers, it also felt quite liberating, since no one seemed to care about the random girl sniffing the produce. Plus, the apple (or was it a pear?) smelled divine.

5. Let’s Go for a Bike Ride!

Yes, from what I can understand from Instagram, you go on bike rides in your most impractical outfit, high heels and all. Here’s Olivia again modeling a great Fall outfit, but is it suitable for bike riding? We don’t think so. The bike ride didn’t go too well as some Instagram fashionistas would have us believe.


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